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We accept faxed breakfast and lunch orders 30 minutes minimum prior to pick up! Please fill out fax form neatly and completely.  Click here to download the fax order form.

Please check our specials of the day white board, call us early in the day, or  listen to list of specials on our recorded message from 11-2 on 415-552-0309. We do not pick up the phone during that time.

(served until 11:30 a.m.)

(some items remain all day
and we will gladly toast breads)  We do not have a grill, only panini press for panini sandwiches

BLT -bacon, lettuce & tomato
BLT w/  egg
BLT w/ cheese
Black forest ham, egg & cheese
Ted's "Mc muffin"- sausage, egg, & cheese on English muffin
Egg sandwich
Egg sandwich w/ Cheese
Boiled egg - available daily, all day

-w/ butter
-w/ cream cheese
-w cream cheese & tomato, cucumber & alfalfa sprouts
Toast (2 pieces)
Nutella - French hazelnut spread sandwich
Peanut butter
Peanut butter & jelly
Lebne Pita -  Arabic kefir cheese w/Arabic pickled turnip & Arabic pickles
Humous Pita - "Ramallah original" w/ Arabic pickled turnip & Arabic pickles
Greek Yogurt Parfait  w/ fruit & granola - seasonal
Sonoma Muffin Works breakfast burritos - Pork Sausage, Black Bean, Bacon
Fresh daily Pastries: donuts, croissants, muffins, scones, cakes, etc. plus lots of breakfast healthy breakfast bars, oat bars, and so much more!

Deli Meats

Roast Beef

Corned Beef
Steamed Pastrami

Black Forest Ham
Cooked salami

Italian Salami
Coppa Salami
Capicolla Salami
All Beef Bologna
Olive Loaf

Sandwich/salad spreads (w/ mayo)


Albacore tuna - white tuna
w/ capers


Curried turkey w/ currants & almonds
Fresh avocado

Ted's  Own Fresh  Roasted & Prepared Meats, Poultry,  & Seafood

Turkey Breast -  Daily
Meatloaf -  Daily
Pulled Pork  - Mon/Wed/Fri   (w/ chipotle sauce & coleslaw) -
Tri Tip - 
Roast Pork - 
Salmon filet -  Tues/Thurs/Fri
Chicken Parmesan -  Daily   (Italian style w/ marinara sauce & provolone cheese)
Zorba's Souvlaki -  Tues   (Greek chicken skewer) w/ tzatziki)
Rosemary Garlic Chicken Breast -   Mon/Wed/Fri
Caribbean and Greek Chicken Breast - Tues/Thurs
Sweet Chili Chicken Breast -  Mon/Wed
Chipotle Chicken Breast -  Fri
Beef Tacos -  Wed

Bread choices
white, whole wheat, light rye, dark rye, 9 grain, Dutch crunch roll, Italian ciabatta roll, sour dough French roll, soft sour dough French roll, whole wheat roll, gluten free sliced bread and pita bread to name most!

Cheese choices:
American, Monterey Jack, pepper jack, mild cheddar, muenster, Swiss, provolone to name most.

Sandwich toppings, secret and not so secret sauces

mayonnaise, yellow mustard, dijon mustard, ketchup, basil pesto, olive oil, vinegar, butter, salt & pepper,
cranberry sauce, hot sauce, Sriracha hot chili sauce, iceberg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts
, tomatoes,

pepperoccini, jalapeno, red onion,

avo-based spicy sauce
, SECRET "Ramallah original" humous, SECRET Greek tzatziki sauce, SECRET tangy tahini sauce, and SECRETLY spiced
caramelized onions 
for  $ .50

...extras  -    bacon  $2.00,       deli sliced meat   $2.00,       fresh roasted sliced meat     $3.50   
fresh avocado
$1.00,      extra helping of humous
or cheese  $ .50

Teds' Meat Panini - Most days M-Sat  (hot grilled Italian style sandwich)

Classic Grilled Ham  & Cheese

Classic Grilled Cheese

Italian Meats and Cheese

Chicken filet (recipes made w/ marinara sauce, basil pesto & other sauces)

Vegetarian Panini  - Most days, except Sunday

Provolone Cheese w/ basil pesto & tomato

Italian Caprese - mozzarella cheese, tomato, fresh basil

 Vegetarian, Vegan Sandwiches & few misc. delights 

Avocado & Cheese
Penny's Big 5 - 5 unprocessed cheeses
Veggie & vegan burgers - boca, black bean & garden
Kaiya's Veggie - provolone cheese, pesto, organic spring mix, tomato, cucumber, & alfalfa sprouts (or lettuce)

Cool cumbers - cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce or organic spring mix

Dolmades (or "Dolmas") - Greek style rice filled grape leaves

"Lebne" Pita  - Arabic/Greek kefir cheese w/ Arabic pickled turnips and Arabic pickles
Humous Pita,  - "Ramallah Original" w/ Arabic pickled turnips and Arabic pickles

Mimi's Peanut butter & jelly

Yaiya's Greek Sandwich - (Greek Feta Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, & Organic Spring Mix)
"Italian Tofurkey" - (also called "vegan salami")

Hot Food from our steam tables

Most hot "comfort foods" like mac 'n" cheese, mac 'n" beef,  soups, lasagna, ravioli, meatballs, spaghetti & meatballs, meatloaf, fettuccini w/ chicken, chicken parmesan, panini, calzone, piroski, chicken filet, spanakopita, spinach pie, hot dogs, bagel dogs, quiche, Ted's roasted meats, and many more are available most days, but a
gain please check our specials white board or call us early if you must know OR listen to recorded phone message from 11-2 when we don't pick up the phone)

Italian meat lasagna
Italian vegetarian lasagna
Italian meatballs in marinara sauce
All American mac "n" cheese
All American mac "n" beef
Vegetarian chili
Turkey chili
Beans & franks
Italian penne pasta w/ sausage, cannelinni beans & spinach
Italian ravioli - meat, spinach & cheese or cheese
Italian fettuccine w/ chicken in alfredo sauce

Italian calzone - several varieties
Russian piroski - meat filled closed pie - beef or beef & cheese
Greek spinach & feta spanakopita - filo filled closed pie
Arabic style spinach & cheese pie - dough filled closed pie

Greek mousaka - pasta, beef, eeggplant, potato & beschamel sauce

French quiche - Lorraine, artichoke, or sun dried tomato
Breakfast burrito -varieties listed in breakfast menu above

Twice baked Potato w/ topped with cheese - not daily

Soups of the Day - 2 soups offered daily 1 meat based & 1 vegetarian or  vegan )

Monday :  Chicken noodle
Tuesday :  Chicken dumpling
Wednesday :  Boston clam chowder
Thursday :  Split pea w/ ham
Friday :  Boston clam chowder

...soups we alternate and write on special white board: Black Bean, Egyptian Lentil, Tomato Lentil, Gourmet Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Carrot Ginger, Vegetarian Split Pea, Hearty Garden Vegetable, Gourmet Indian Vegetable, Vegetable Barley, Magic Minestrone, Mushroom Barley

 Made to Order Green Salads

...we have lots of healthy and fresh toppings to build a lovley salad atop organic "spring mix"

Spring mix basic w/ veggie toppings
Spring mix w/ tuna salad

Spring mix w/ white albacore tuna salad

Spring mix w/ fresh roasted turkey or chicken breast

Spring mix w/ salmon filet
Spring mix w/ fresh avocado
Athena the Greek - spring mix topped w/ Greek salad
Chef (classic recipe w/ lunch meat & cheese)
Dressings: Italian, Blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, oil & vinegar, honey dijon mustard, thousand island, olive oil, to name most

"to go" sandwiches, wraps, ethnic foods, misc. foods

Ted's Sandwiches: many variety deli meats & cheese, tri tip, albacore tuna, tuna, egg, poultry spreads, etc.    
Ted's "Lavosh" or "Aram" bite size or wraps - vegetarian or turkey
Bagels with cream cheese
Ted's Humous and a few other wraps & specialty ethnic foods
Falafel sandwich
w/ tahini sauce
Ted's Greek yogurt parfait w/ granola & fresh fruit - seasonal
Ted's Chicken terriyaki bowl -rice, chicken, broccoli
Ted's Spaghetti & meatballs
Ted's Fettuccini w/ chicken in alfredo sauce
Meat ravioli in marinara sauce
Spinach & cheese ravioli in marinara sauce
Indian wrap style and dinner style entrees - Sukkis catering
Greek "dolmades" - rice filled grape leaves
"To go "salads:

Chinese Chicken, Spinach Salad w/gorgonzola, cranberries, candied walnuts
Mixed basic green,  Mixed green w/ tuna,  Classic romaine cobb,  Mixed green w/ chicken, 
Mixed green w/ salmon filet, Classic Caesar, Caesar w/chicken,  Athena the Greek, 
and a few more varieties from time to time

Fresh "Deli " Salads
  to accompany your sandwich or take home - made and packaged daily!

(check our specials white board for recipes made daily!)
Red Potato salad w/ mayo
Red Potato & egg
w/ mayo
Macaroni  salad w/mayo
Cole slaw
salad w/ mayo
Shrimp salad w/ mayo

Mediterranean 3 bean  salad w/ Greek "Gigantes"
Avocado & red kidney bean
Lentil salad
Raw Veggie
Thai noodle salad w/peanuts

Chinese chicken
salad w/peanuts
Mediterranean orzo pasta salad w/ Greek feta cheese & sun-dried tomatoes
Greek style pasta salad w/ feta cheese & Kalamata olives
Mediterranean style pasta salad w/ veggies feta cheese & Kalamata olives
Moroccan couscous salad
w/toasted pine nuts, cranberries & garbanzo bean

Brown rice/lentil salad
Tabouleh salad - parsley based Arabic salad  - vegan 

Peruvian quinoa salad  - white or red quinoa - vegan 

Italian caprese  salad -
tomato, mozzerella cheese, fresh basil
Italian cheese tortellina pasta
- sauce varies
Italian anti-pasti salad w/ meats, cheese, olives, peppers, etc.

Italian penne pasta w/ veggies,  basil pesto & toasted pine nuts

Italian penne or bow tie pasta w/ marinara
sauce & Parmesan cheese
Whole wheat bow tie pasta w/ sun dried tomatoes, veggies
& Parmesan cheese
Roasted root vegetables - seasonal
Brussel sprouts - seasonal
Roasted potatoes  - seasonal
Yam casserole - seasonal

Thank you for your patrongage!
Efharisto Poli!   Yassou!

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